Help me out

Help me out again!

Two more film lists for Roo4: Movies where the safe responsible boyfriend or husband turns out to be a closet jerk, thus transforming himself into the rotten boyfriend -- thus freeing the heroine to leave him for someone more exciting, guilt-free: Desperately Seeking Susan; The Wedding Singer; Moonstruck...

I know there are a million things I am forgetting. 
And: Movies where a brooding, even sulky guy seems like really quite a good idea for a boyfriend: Twilight, Ten Things I Hate About You, Dirty Dancing, Sommersby, Edward Scissorhands, The Bourne Identity, Grosse Pointe Blank... (is Sommersby right? Maybe he is not brooding. Maybe he is handsome and jolly and just an IMPOSTER.) I use Box Office Mojo's genre lists to help me remember movies.But the mojo isn't working that well today.


Another Roo4 question, for Seattlites. What's a Seattle coffee shop or similar type place where teenagers would hang out after school to do homework, eat, drink coffee, etc. 

My characters go to the B&O Espresso, but now they need a new joint. They have cars, so doesn't have to be near Broadway. Could be U. District or Montlake or anywhere, really. 
Your help so much appreciated!!! 

Help me out: Book for Roo

Help me out!

In each Ruby book, Roo is reading something for school that connects with her current situation.
She's read The House of Mirth  
and The Scarlet Letter  
both about women who are ostracized from their communities.

Now she is taking Contemporary American Literature. 
She is suffering from heartbreak (as usual). And interested in more than one guy (as usual). And has complicated friend issues (as usual). 

What should she read?   

Something that would be assigned accomplished high school students in their senior year. I imagine this class's reading list includes Beloved, Rabbit Run, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, The Color Purple, and stuff like that.