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Give Books to the Girls of the Lower East Side Girls Club!

March 14, 2020

The LES Girls Club is stunning ā€” a huge new facility that offers art and career training, after school classes, physical education, roof garden activities, science lab, college application help, social work, travel opportunities, and more for the girls and young women in the community over on Avenue D in New York City.

You, my friends, sent them well over 300 books for the literacy program in 2018. But it's 2020.  And most of those books went home with girls who didn't have very many of their own books to keep. 

As of March 13, 2020, the new group of girls in the literacy program (and in the club, generally) NEED BOOKS. NYC public libraries are closed at present.

I put together an Amazon wish list.  It's newly updated (March 2020) and includes requests from the girls and from the director of the program, recent bestsellers, titles from Marly Diaz's amazing list, books from the Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers lists, books from other reluctant reader lists, and more.   It's super easy to buy the girls a book. Or ten! The address is on the top of the list, and SHOULD fill in automatically when you buy books -- but if it doesn't, you can see it there. 

Thank you so much for helping create a book-rich environment for this community of amazing young women and the facility that cares so much about them. Click here to send books.