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Back-to-School Book Giveaway

Teachers and Librarians:

It's a YA back-to-school book giveaway.  My shelves are bursting, and if you're a high-school or middle-school librarian or teacher in the USA, and you want these books for your classroom or school library, I want to give my books to you!  It's first-come, first-serve, till my shelves are empty. 


Genuine Fraud -- signed.  Could be an ARC (advanced reading copy), a UK paperback, a UK hardcover, or a USA hardcover

We Were Liars --  signed. Probably a USA paperback, but maybe UK hardcover, paperback, or special edition.

bookmarks -- a small stack of bookmarks for your students.  


Send an email to MsELockhart @  with the subject line BOOK GIVEAWAY.   In the body of the email, just say your job title and the school at which you teach.  Then include your mailing address!   That's it. 

If you have students who speak a foreign language, go ahead and indicate that.  I have a limited supply of foreign editions and if I have your language, I'll send you additional copies in that language.

I'll reply to your emails within a week and will let you know if a package is coming your way.  Thanks for everything you do bringing books to your students. 



PS: It's kinda fun to see the different covers.  That's the UK paperback on the left, the US hardcover on the right.

Image result for genuine fraud uk paperbackImage result for genuine fraud uk paperback