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Donate Books to the Lower East Side Girls Club

You all know I source books for their lobby book cart and their literacy program. You have helped us give MORE THAN 300 books to their literacy program using the Amazon wish list below. THANK YOU.
Now, it's time for presents! For the girls in the literacy program (many of whom are reluctant and struggling readers) I updated the list with requests from the girls, plus fresh bestsellers and goodies off the Quick Picks lists and other reluctant reader resources.
A little more info:
The LES Girls Club club is stunning — a huge new facility that offers art and career training, after school classes, physical education, roof garden activities, science lab, college application help, social work, travel opportunities, and more for the girls and young women in the community over on Avenue D.
If you don't see a favorite author or title, look on the right and click "Filter and Sort" -- it's possible it's not showing because it has already been sent to the girls! THANK YOU for your support of this awesome program and these great people.