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Various Adventures!

I have been running about doing pre-publication tour stuff for We Were Liars. Here is a fun collection of photos from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which includes loads of your favorite authors and a selfie of me and Rainbow Rowell, with picture book author Tad Hills totally photo-bombing us. 

And here is an article I wrote for the LA Times to publish during the festival. It's about howI came to write for young adults from grad school in Victorian literature.  And they made a fun sketch of me. It's from an old PR photo though. My hair is shorter now. 


E. Lockhart

Make a Motto, a Truth, a Lie, a Pin

Look! You can make a pinword re-bloggable thingummy. The We Were Liars site now has an app ā€” you put up a photo, add text, add a Beechwood Island filter and then it is super good-looking and you can blog and reblog and pin and Instagram it. Here is my first one:




Ideas: confess your LIES, proclaim your TRUTHS, share your MOTTOS (there are a lot of mottos in the book), pull QUOTES you love, pose IMPORTANT LIFE QUESTIONS.

Go here to make them.