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YA for NJ: An Auction to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Hi! Happy holidays!

The awesome novelist Kieran Scott: let's talk about her because she is up to some amazing fundraising for the Community Foodbank of NJ which will help out families hit hard by Hurricane Sandy this season. 

I first heard of Kieran when I signed up The Boyfriend List with our mutual publisher. They showed me her book Jingle Boy, which they published and which is obviously perfect if you are a Christmas-celebrating person in need of a fun holiday read or gift for a pal.

 Jingle Boy by Kieran ScottEx-Mas

Something else I like about Kieran is that, like me, she has another name and writes different books under that name! She is also Kate Brian, author of the best-selling Private series, and has another fun YA holiday read under that name called Ex-Mas. 

(Why can't I make those book jackets the same size??? I can't do it! Blergh.)

Anyway, really what I want to tell you about is the amazingness of the YA for NJ auction which Kieran organized. All the money goes to bring food to people in NJ who need it, especially those affected by Hurricane Sandy. And there are more than 200 YA authors contributing. There are loads and loads of signed books -- plus some amazingness like having authors come to your school, Skype visits, and the like. Perfect holiday gifts and all for a great cause. I am going to link some of the most thrilling bits below. It's an ebay auction, so you just bid on stuff like a regular ebay auction.

I WILL WRITE YOU A SILLY RHYME IN YOUR HONOR, plus a stack of four signed Ruby Oliver books. 

You could OWN MEGAN MCCAFFERTY'S NOTES on an ARC of Sloppy Firsts.

Random House editor Wendy Loggia will CRITIQUE a MANUSCRIPT.

Matthew Quick's not-yet-out book, FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK - an autographed ARC. 


But there's so much more! Click here for the complete list of items being auctioned.

Below are a couple more links about the auction.