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Write Faster Project

Write Faster, an Experiment

I am finishing a book. A YA book for the first time in a while! (I write middle-grade books under the name Emily Jenkins and you can see my July book, Dangerous Pumpkins, here.)

A while ago, Ally Carter (latest book: Out of Sight, Out of Time, book 5 in the Gallagher Girls series) sent me this link. It's to a Science Fiction Writers of America guest blog post by Rachel Aaron, author of The Legend oof Eli Moonpress -- an apparently, many many books to come; she writes 10,000 words a day. At least some of the time.

In the article, Aaron lays out a plan for how to increase your output. I generally manage 500 words a day when starting a book, then goose up to 1500 when going full speed. A really banner day would be 2000. I have done all my books at this pace, and while I have zero desire to write 10,000 a day, and doubt I ever could, if I could manage 2,500 or 3000 regularly my life would be a lot easier. Or my books longer. Or something. 

This new book wants to be long but I want it to be done (in rough draft) by June 22 for reasons of my own involving the beach. 

(Just to be clear, I will rewrite it probably 8 times after that before my editor even sees it.)

Anyway, although it really would be good for me to write faster than I do, I still ignored the article when I first read it, except to try in a vague way to outline a bit before closing the computer at the end of a writing day. That is not really what Aaron is suggesting -- but that's all I did. (It's helpful.)

Then Holly Black (latest book: Black Heart, book 3 of the White Cat trilogy) posted this on her blog. She is trying to follow Aaron's advice for the end of this and all of next week, then posting her results, along with a bunch of other excellent writers. I horned in on their experiment and will post my results too. After I had posted about that on HB's blog, I ran into Holly at Book Expo, where she wore a floor length black gown and hung out with me at the Harlequin booth, and I pretty much felt like I was hallucinating. This meant I actually had to do it.

So! That's the plan! Check back here next week on Friday for details on my own Write Faster experiment, and links to all the others.