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Monday night, 8pm EST CHAT!

Monday at 8pm EST,
Shannon Hale (Newbery winner and author of the adult novels Austenland and the new Midnight in Austenland),
Elizabeth Eulberg (Prom & Prejudice and the new Take a Bow, which is a complete SQUEE book for all you Dramarama type readers out there)
and E. Lockhart (that's me!) 
are doing a live panel/Q&A thing on Figment.It is all about Jane Austen: why people still read her, why everyone keeps rewriting her, what is the MEANING OF JANE? 


Also. I wrote this really kind of mean-spirited article about people writing Austen novels for Salon in 2000 under my legal name. Go read it so you are super-prepared for our panel!

I don't know you if you know this, but I have a Ph.D in 19th century British novel and sometimes I really get my OPINION on. So I love Shannon and Elizabeth's work, and you know I ran right out and bought both Austenland and Prom & Prejudice as soon as they came out!  True. But I also think there's some validity to what I said (though goodness knows I didn't need to keep calling books failures, that is pretty snarky expecially given that I had only written half a novel myself at that stage of the game) --
--so maybe we will have a good old-fashioned literary BRAWL?
Or will we cuddle? 

Will you ask questions? Pretty please?

(And what will Jennifer Weiner think?)

In any case, I think it should be a really fun an interesting discussion and I hope you'll join.Here is the chat window!  You can just click on it (I think) and be there.  xoE