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Indonesian covers

Here are the Indonesian covers for The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book. Interesting, huh? As with the American paperbacks, Ruby takes off her glasses or pushes them up on her head.  They completely redesigned the look of the books for Treasure Map of Boys though. I'll show you when I have final art. 

I really like the little pengie on the back jacket of The Boy Book.

BoyfriendListIndonesia BoyBookIndonesia

So much going on!

So much is going on.

First, FOUR of my dear friends have new books out. Two of them came out TODAY. 

1. Lauren Myracle's Oopsy Daisy, book three in the Flower Power series that started with Luv Ya Bunches. The 9 year-olds I know (and I know many) devour this series, and Lauren is in top notch hysterical form.

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

2. Jenn Lynn Barnes's Every Other Day. (How amazing is that cover?) It's about a girl who is a demon hunter -- but only every other day. Which causes some problems, yeah?  Jennifer is a master of supernatural suspense thriller type stuff, and you have to go read it.

3. John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. I am a bit scared to read it because I know it will involve DEATH as well as lots of humor and I will cry huge unmanly tears. But he is one of my favorite writers ever so I will face the cancer and sob.

4. Melissa Kantor's The Darlings in Love. I read The Darlings and it is just so New York and so smart and sweet and full of insights about friendship and humanity. I've started the second and it's more of that, only with extra boys! I don't know what else you could want, honestly. 

In other news, I am blogging while eating spearming jelly candies, just like Roo does. Also, the paperback of REAL LIVE BOYFRIENDS is in stores now, as of two weeks ago. Now you can get a complete set of matcng Ruby books, if you like matching things. All the paperbacks go together (unlike the hardcovers).

Also, how wonderful is this photo of Doctor Seuss, Judy Blume and Maurice Sendak? You don't need to tell me. I know!  Via Blume on twitter via Maria T. Lambert.

Also, Toys Come Home (written as Emily Jenkins) was a Wall Street Journal Best Children's Book of the year. So I am quite pleased about that. And if you need more convincing to buy this book for the 4-10 year-old in your life, here is the School Library Journal blog post that made my head explode

Also, are you following me on Twitter? Because I am a much worse blogger than I used to be, but really not bad at the tweeting business, if I do say so myself. 

Happy reading.