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Holiday Personalized Books Reminder

Happy Holidays.

Reminder: If you want to give a book to your teenager with a note from me in it, plus an autograph, a free bookmark and free gift wrap, you can order such a thing online here and support a great indie bookshop, WORD BROOKLYN. Guaranteed holiday shipping. Order by Dec 14.

Here are all the details.

I will write whatever crazy thing you want me to write!  

Another reminder: The paperback of Real Live Boyfriends (book four, Ruby Oliver quartet) releases December 28th. Just in time for Christmas and Hannukah to be OVER. But whatever. I don't control these things.

Last, I want to share this picture, drawn by Caldecott medalist Paul O. Zelinsky, who illustrated Toys Come Home (fresh on shelves now) and Toys Go Out and Toy Dance Party. 


It's a never-before and never-again illustrated picture of the scene from Toys Come Home where Lumphy and StingRay discuss vomit. (Lumphy is nauseated.) Paul drew it while were on tour, and I love it so much.