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A Post of Many Things

A couple to catch you all up on. I will make a list!

1. My book Invisible Inkling (published as Emily Jenkins) got gushed over in Booklist and The Horn Book, so this bit is from The Department of Self-Aggrandizement.  

"With a mix of wild humor, fantasy, and sadness, this series starter offers a moving story about defeating bullies...what will pull readers most is the everyday realism." -- Booklist

"...hilarious and heartwarming. This would be a perfect choice for an early school year read-aloud: straightforward, zippy plot, likable characters, and believable family."  -- The Horn Book

2. Did you know Invisible Inkling is out on Audio? Narrated by the very funny Michael Goldstrom (who also did Gutman's The Genius Files). He gives Inkling a vaguely Indian accent! (I was surprised.) It's a really lovely production. 

3. My pal Andrew Cotto, who is super smart and an excellent writer, has a new book for teens: The Domino Effect. It's about a kid who's had it tough in Queens and his coming of age at Hamden Academy.

4. If you're not following me on Twitter you are missing  pygmy hedghogs, the great #YASAVES arguments, cat pee and more!  

5. Oh dear. My battery is at 12%. My editor is supposed to call me five minutes ago (Hi Donna), and the dude behind the coffee-shop counter is giving me the evil eye cause I have been here so long. I probably have a gazillion more things I should blog about but for now I will sign off. 

Happy Weekend!