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Friday and April 14th


So if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you've probably heard all about the Twitterhood of the Butt-Lifting Pajants.  I was supposed to get them on Tuesday, but Sarah Mlynowski washed the sparkle unicorn off them by accident and she has to buy fabric paint and resurrect it.

Honestly, I don't really know how this got started. I do know that the awesome Julia DeVillers, author of the LIberty Porter books and  lots of other stuff, owns pajama jeans. She claims they were a gag gift, and yet, she wore them in public anyhow! They were so comfy! 

(I can not explain the existence of pajama jeans.)

Somehow, on Twitter, Lauren Myracle  signed me, David Mcinnis Gill, Courtney Sheinmel and LOTS of other people -- Lauren signed us up to do like the girls in Ann Brashares' novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We are to get hold of the pajama jeans (aka the pajants) and wear them, photograph it  -- then decorate them, then send them on. 


(I can not explain why, exactly.)

Julia, who is living in Georgia (the country!) wore them to an embassy ball. Lauren wore them to pilates. Sarah wore them to the NYC Teen Author Festival sex panel. Everyone is leaving little gifties in the pockets, too. 

More authors have signed on. I don't even know all who. For sure Elizabeth Eulberg and Susane Colasanti, Katie Alender, E. Kristin Anderson. Maybe Maureen Johnson. Maybe Ally Carter. (I am too beat to make links to everyone. But you can google these people. However, you SHOULD know who they are already.) 

Then we hope we can auction them off for charity. 

Will any men besides Gill have the chutzpah to wear the pajants? Will they really butt-lift? Will they fit us all?  Stay tuned to the facebook page. 



Friday at 6 pm I'll be at Voracious Reader (scroll to bottom of link for details) in Larchmont,  NY. Please come see me!  

It's the last of my open-to-the-public tour dates until Seattle Public Library on April 14th:

4:30 ā€“ 5:30 p.m.
Where:  *Central Library

Hey teens! Come meet E. Lockhart (author of The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, the Ruby Oliver series, and many other awesome books), enter a raffle, and eat cupcakes.