Feb 9, Reading

Feminist titles, illegal downloading, internet throwdown, MJ theme song

So it turns out that according to one torrent website, Real Live Boyfriends had been illegally downloaded over 6,500 times when it had been out only 4 weeks. People, if I was selling 1,625 copies a week, my publisher would be very happy. I would be very happy. The books would be selling well, and my publisher would be more likely to have me write more of them. 

If they don't sell, my publisher doesn't want more of them. Or any of them. The bookshops stop stocking them and they go out of print.

If you like my books enough to want to read the new one the month it comes out, please buy it. If you're short on money, get it from your library. The downloading is not only illegal, it is cheating the author, the publisher and the bookshop out of getting paid for something you want. Something that is cheaper than a movie! Something you can lend to your friends for free! Think about it: you and all your pals can read Real Live Boyfriends for less that $12. If you all went to a movie in 3D, it could rack up well over $50. 

Again, if you want a free book, there is a legal way to get it. Library. 

On another note: check out the unbelievable kerfuffle over Bitch Magazine's list of 100 YA books for the feminist reader.  The list is a useful list, still, for librarians and teachers -- and parents, too. It ranges from middle-grade to upper-YA, so there are books appropriate for 8 year olds on there, and books I am scared to read myself. 

But hey, that doesn't mean I think other people shouldn't. That's the whole point of the argument here. People don't need to be protected against literature. The flap copy tells them what the book is about. They can close books if they don't like them. Parents can say, "no, not till you're older."  

Anyway, my pal and the awesome author of Uglies and Midnighters and Peeps, Scott Westerfeld -- he wrote a very intelligent response to the whole Bitch Magazine comments throwdown. And here is Margo Lanagan's response to the removal of her Printz honor book, Tender Morsels, from the list.

Another interesting thing is to read Karen Healy's alternate list (which I am on six times!).

Now on the lighter side, youtube sensation Parry Gripp (of the nom nom nom hamster video etc.) wrote my friend the writer Maureen Johnson (Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes, Girl at Sea, Suite Scarlett etc.)  a theme song -- and here's the video.  It was the nicest thing that happened to me yesterday, watching this.