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Monday night, 6pm, Brooklynites!
Book Court. Me, David Levithan, Rachel Cohn and Matt de la Pena. It's a YA novelist extravaganza. 

In other news, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 17 people.  The best thing was pumpkin spice cake with caramel frosting. Nom nom nom nom.  Sauteed watercress in garlic was good too.  So fun! 

Also, Real Live Boyfriends comes out December 28. 

Also, I am in the middle of finishing book 2 of the Invisible Inkling series (more on that here).  So forgive me if I am a crap blogger. Soon I will have the annual holiday shopping posts! 

I hope.



Me and the awesome Melissa de La Cruz (author of Blue Bloods, The Ashleys, etc) -- at the ALAN conference cocktail party.  I own four gray cocktail dresses. Mel owns five pairs of white slacks. We are each wearing a sample. (Though you can't see pants, obvs.)

More from Mel's conference adventures, with lots of pics, on her blog (from which I swiped photo!) 

NCTE/ALAN party, and other stuff

First, appearance notes:

I'll be at NCTE and at the opening night of the ALAN conference -- just Nov 20 (evening) and 21 (all day, and the ALAN cocktail party). Will you be there?  Please find me on the floor and come say hello.  

Also, stop by the Harper Collins booth, because rumor has it they'll have ARCs of my May 2011 middle grade title (first in a series):  INVISIBLE INKLING, published under Emily Jenkins.

Inkling has pictures by the extremely amusing Harry Bliss, NY Times bestselling illustrator of Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Spider, A Fine Fine School etc.

"INVISIBLE INKLING is charming, fresh, and funny. Now I want an invisible friend of my own!"
                    ā€” Sarah Pennypacker, author of the Clementine series  

Book Court:  Nov. 29th I'll be appearing with David Levithan, Rachel Cohn and Matt de la Pena at Book Court in Brooklyn. 6 PM.  Be there! On Court Street, between Dean and Pacific. 

Now some other stuff: 

I know you are already thinking about your holiday shopping, and I want to recommend Dash & Lily's Book of Dares, by Levithan and Cohn. I've been touring with them, and the book is very romantic and full of Christmassy, New York details. It has an adorable, holiday-ish jacket and is a perfect present for a guy or girl reader. 

And: I ran my school's bookfair last week, with the independent bookseller Word.  It was a big success, I think! Except for a couple naysayers. We started on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid laydown date, so I have this to say:


Those things sold like hotcakes, especially the purple  one :). 

All right. I wanted to write a loooong post but really, I am out of ideas. And I have to pack for ALAN. I have a new cocktail dress! 

Allright. I have two. 

There was a sale.  Like, a really big sale. It was calling to me! 

Which one will I wear? I have packed them both. 

Off to Florida in the AM for family visits, then to the conference. Goodbye til' then!