Battle of the Bands

Winners! Clever Comebacks and Boy Speak

The entries for the Real Live Boyfriends ARC contest were awesome. You guys are HILARIOUS. Plus very cynical about the opposite sex -- and able to snap the best comebacks ever. Beware, skeevy guys scoping ladies on the street!  We know what to say to you, now!

Anyway, thank you all for entering. It was great fun for me to read them all, and I'm so glad you're psyched for the book (which comes out Dec. 28 -- and make sure you've read Treasure Map of Boys before then!)

Click here to see  all the entries in the comments.  Lots of good stuff on Twitter too, not officially entered. 

And here are the winners!  There are ten, since that's how many ARCs my publisher has to send out. I am sorry to say that my they can't ship out of the USA, so alas, Canadian and UK entries, and any other foreign climes -- you could not be considered.  My error for not making that clear. 


Clever comebacks to catcalls:

Jen, for:
"Oh, I'm sorry but NEXT week is 'be nice to losers' week. Catch me then!" 

Tina for:
"Save your breath, you're going to need it to blow up your date." 

VLSimplicity for:
"I'm sorry, what? I was distracted by that mask you’re wearing."

Sam M for:
He says: Hey Honey, how did a pretty thing like you break your ankle?
Answer: Kicking Dumbasses. You should leave before I break my other ankle 

Boy Speak:

Dea, for:
What he says: I like that shirt on you. 
What's understood: It makes me look thinner! 
He means: Your boobs are looking amazing!

MsMikado for:
He says: You are really funny. 
You Hear: I like you. 
He means: I date hotter girls. 

Makena for:
Boy: lets c where we r in a few months
Girl thinks: he still wants 2 date me!
Boy really means: not interested  

Sab H. for:
What he says: She's just a friend.
What is understood: He's lying. 
What he means: She's way out of my league, I tried.

RamblingQuasi/Rachel Stupendous for:
what he says: i've never met anyone who thinks the way you do.
what she thinks he means: he really understands me and loves me for who i am!what he means: this girl is CRAZY! maybe if i back away slowly she won't notice.... 

If you won, send your SNAIL MAIL address in an email to me at elockhart at  If you are under 18, please ask your parents before doing this! Is not a good idea to send your info to strangers without checking with them, even benevolent un-crazy strangers like myself. 

I will forward your addy to my publicist, the charming Jessica, and she will send you an Advance Readers Copy!  Please do this by October 23!! So we can be organized.

Thanks again for entering. You guys are great. 

xxxxoo E. Lockhart