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Brooklyn Book Festival Video

Video!  Of me! 

Check out not only me but also Jacqueline Woodson, Sara Shephard, John Sciezska and my pal Tad Hills and lots of other amazing Brooklyn writers in the Bklyn Book Festival trailer below. 

BTW, Mary Gaitskill is AWESOME in this, talking about everyone's a**es.  

I'm on a panel Sept 12 at 10 am with Sciezska talking about humor.  I hope I spelled his name right, but probably not.  Anyhow, come see us and watch the awesomeness of the trailer even if you can't come. Details of all the youth programming here! 

Links, etc.

A super nice post about Fly on the Wall and all its meanings at ForeverYA blog

And you can go here to the Book Chic blog to sign up to be a part of the Real Live Boyfriends ARC tour. Book doesn't come out until Dec 28.

I am sitting here in coffee house with Barry Lyga working on website update stuff (redesigned site coming soon!  Which will mean a preview chap of Real Live Boyfriends!) while Lyga --

oh. I assumed he was writing his VERY SCARY NEW BOOK but I can see he's reading Twitter. :)

Anyway -- I am going on vacation for nearly a month.  I am going to rest after turning in copy edits and a new YA book proposal and doing website stuff and generally having a hectic July and early August.  So I won't see you here on the blog until mid-September, most likely -- but I'll still be on Twitter because Lord knows I can't quit that thing, either. 

Happy summer!


Contest Winners!

You all are awesomely awesome. The contest entries made me laugh and cry. (See many of them on twitter at #RubyOliverBooks.)

I am sad we could only pick ten winners, because there wasn't a bad one in the bunch.  And thanks for sharing the love and excitement about the new look for the Ruby Oliver books.

Here are the contest winners!  If you won, email me TODAY IF POSSIBLE  at elockhart @  (without spaces) and put the word CONTEST as your subject line.  Just email me your snail mail address and I will send you a book!  If you are under 18, please check with your parental units and guardians before sending your info off to even a benevolent stranger such as me. 

Also please try to send that email before 11:30 am tomorrow (Tuesday) because that is when the wonderful and lovely Tricia is here to help me mail out books. 

I will assume you want the hardcover Dramarama unless you tell me you want a different book.




Natalie: 8th grade. Boy: Will you be my girlfriend? Me: Why? I barely know you. Boy: *stares at my boobs* I said no, by the way.

Genevieve: Summer before 8th grade, I go to the movies with an older boy instead of my group of girlfriends like I told my parents. My dad apparently realized I was lying, and to teach me a lesson, came in and sat down next to me halfway through the movie just as cute older boy was about to go in for the kiss. Majorly humiliated, cute boy never called again.

Karl: I once sang the Police song "Can't Stand Losing You" to a girl's answering machine. A cappella.

Noelle: 7th grade: Had a crush on my neighbor. We meet at lockers, I back up, putting dog poo from my shoe onto his binder

Lee: age13. boy dumps me because i was too nice. i burned the jacket he gave me then mailed it to him.

Amanda: 1st bf-1st kiss with said bf, his is that your first kiss or what? I dieeed. Obvs a very smooth operator

Valia: Never had a bf. Fell in serious like with my best friend. He promised me the world. Three months later, I found out from his facebook status that he moved to Hawaii. Is it wrong to want to slap him? lol

Anju: I really liked him... But I was too shy to tell him how I felt. So I wrote crazy stalker "I love you" poetry and shoved it in his locker anonymously.
He found out I wrote them 
I haven't looked at him since

Jenna: 8th grade. Spring Break. First real kiss interrupted by parents and campers. Literally picked us up and separated us.

Joanna: I once got dumped because I was taking away from my boyfriend's world of Warcraft raiding schedule