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Come enter my contest -- before Sunday night!  Win a signed personalized hardcover book plus a foxy little bookmark with Roo's picture on it!

In honor of the new covers of the OLD Ruby Oliver books -- 
The Boyfriend List, The Boy Book, and The Treasure Map of Boys -- 
to SPREAD THE WORD about how you should all read all three novels NOW so that you are ready for Real Live Boyfriends when it comes out Dec 28, 2010 -- 
 I am having a contest! 

It is super easy to enter. 

Write a SHORTY SHORT SHORT (hopefully witty, cringe-worthy or vitriolic) sentence or two about the most embarrassing or confusing moment you ever had with a member of whatever sex you are attracted to. Then post it, with or without explanation, on your Facebook, twitter, blog, formspring, or whatever. 

If you're on Twitter, tag is #RubyOliverBooks. (And I am at twitter.com/elockhart)
Please keep it PG-13.  People will read this who haven't made it through the mocha latte yet, as Roo would say. :)

Then ALSO POST YOUR ENTRY HERE in the comments with a link, if possible, back to where you posted it.
You have to post it here, too, or we (me and my fab assistant Tricia) won't find it! 

For example (and this is a true story, peeps, that I later appropriated for fictional purposes in The Boyfriend List):

Age 16. Went to see Tarzan: Legend of Greystoke and let boyfriend feel left boob for two hours. #RubyOliverBooks


Valentine's Day. Boyfriend put used office phone swiped from work under my pillow for a gift. #RubyOliverBooks

That's a true story, too, sadly.

Contest ends Sunday night at midnight. Monday, winners will send me your snail mail addresses via email. Tuesday, prizes mailed out.


There will be ten winners  (as long as ten people care enough to enter!) and the prize is a signed, personalized hardcover  copy of Dramarama, plus foxy Real Live Boyfriends bookmark.  Dramarama is the book of mine you probably haven't read -- am I right?
 And it is like, THE BEST ONE, I THINK. 

More on Dramarama here. 

And if you've read Dramarama and you really want a different book, you can have that instead. It just will probably be a paperback.  I haven't got any Real Live Boyfriends, though -- so dream on in that department. 

Anyway, away we go!  I hope you guys enter. Ruby hopes so, too.