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This makes me so happy (see below):  the German cover of Die unrumliche Geschichte der Frankie Landau-Banks, AKA The Disreputable History.  I love it so so much!!

I wonder if any one will buy it.  I don't think an American publishing house would do such a cover, though I can't quite articulate why.  Discuss amongst yourselves, if you are inclined. 

In other news, I just finished two hours of chat with YA book maven Joan Kaywell's class of super-intelligent students.  We focused on Dramarama, which is the book of mine dearest to my heart, so it was really fantastic to hear all the thoughtful things they had to say and ask about it. 

Am sad to be missing ALA.  The parties! The fangirling!  The librarians!  But most of all I am sorry to miss Libba Bray's Printz speech, as she is my dear friend and I am also a huge admirer of her writing and I am so glad she won for GOING  BOVINE! 

Sorry I've been a negligent blogger.  Please come follow me on twitter if you crave more every day type updates. The NEW RUBY COVERS launch next month, which means paperbacks of the first three books should hit all yr local bookshops and you should immediately go out and read them all in preparation for Real Live Boyfriends, which comes out Dec. 28. 

Okay, enough self-promo.  I am trying to figure out what my next book is, and today I listened to Ellen Raskin's lecture on writing The Westing Game, complete with slides of manuscript pages and notes. It's pretty amazing.  I recommend it.  xxxoE