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Shark cupcake, teaching, etc.

Here, on Paul O. Zelinsky's blog, is my Whimsical Bakehouse custom-made Spark the shark cupcake.

Sometimes my job is just so cool. Right now I am in a DORM ROOM at the VT college novel-writing workshop where I appear to be on faculty.  I have to give a lecture explaining HOW TO WRITE A BOOK. 

This is challenging for me because I forget how every time and panic. Maybe I will tell the students that!  

This morning I heard a great lecture by Uma Krishnaswami on scene structure (plus Uma is SO PRETTY.  I don't mean to objectify her but seriously. She is.) And last night the awesome organizers, Cindy Faughnan and Sarah Aronson, lead us in setting our goals and talking about critiques.  (My goal is to have summer vacation every year. I am not kidding.)

More coolness: The Readers' Theater event at the NYC Teen Author Festival was so fun! You can read a review of it here at YANY , or you can go look at my Twitter feed for more of a rundown.

Feeling lucky, which is a blessing especially because last week I was feeling quite un. (Despite being actually tremendously lucky, I fail to feel it sometimes. I suppose that is human nature.  But life is better when I remember how good I really have it.)

Have a good weekend!