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Teen Author Book Festival!

Come on out to the 2010 NYC Teen Author Festival this March!
My event is in bold, below.  Reader's Theater!!


See you there.


Monday, 3/15 (NYPL, Tompkins Square Branch, 331 East 10th Street, 6pm): 
First Draft to Final Draft – Talking About the Writing Process 
featuring: Gayle Forman, Daphne Grab, Carolyn Mackler, Sarah Mlynowski, Blake Nelson, Marie Rutkoski, Eliot Schrefer, Natalie Standiford 

Tuesday, 3/16 (Barnes & Noble Tribeca, 97 Warren Street, 7pm): 
Getting Inside the Mind of a Teen Boy 
featuring: Nick Burd, Matt de la Pena, Gordon Korman, David Levithan, Barry Lyga, Michael Northrup, Jon Skovron, Jake Wizner 

Wednesday, 3/17 (New York Public Library, Central 42nd Street, South Court Room, 6pm): 
The Treasure Map to Going Bovine with Will Grayson(s)
(or, an evening of readers’ theater) 
featuring: Libba Bray, John Green, David Levithan, E. Lockhart 

Thursday, 3/18 (Five Borough Read, 10am): 
Authors read to high school students and the public in libraries across the city. 

Countee Cullen Branch, NYPL, 104 W 136th St
Donna Freitas, Eliot Schrefer, Rachel Vail, Lynn Weingarten, Ebony Wilkins 

Jefferson Market Branch, NYPL, 425 6th Ave
Gabe Guarente, Carla Jablonksi, Kristen Kemp, Barry Lyga, Samantha Schutz 

Muhlenburg Branch, NYPL, 209 W 23rd St Emma McLaughlin, Lauren McLaughlin, Courtney Sheinmel, Jennifer Smith 

Mulberry Street Branch, NYPL, 10 Jersey Street
Angie Frazier, Aimee Friedman, Alice Hoffman, Robin MacCready, Sarah Maclean, Amanda Marrone 

Seward Park Branch, NYPL, 192 East Broadway 
Cathleen Bell, Susane Colasanti, Matt De La Pena, Gayle Forman, Daphne Grab 

Yorkville Branch, NYPL,, 222 East 79th St 
Micol Ostow, Robin Palmer, Shani Petroff, Robyn Schneider, Abby Sher, Jake Wizner, Michelle Zink 

Central Branch, Brooklyn Public Library, Dweck Auditorim, 10 Grand Army Plaza 
Emily Horner, Melissa Kantor, O.Rhuday-Perkovich, Matthue Roth, Siobhan Vivian, Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Melissa Walker, Robin Wasserman 


Bronx Library Center, NYPL, 310 East Kingsbridge Road 
Coe Booth, Sarah Darer Littman, Neesha Meminger, Maryrose Wood 

Broadway Branch, QPL, 40-20 Broadway, Long Island City Jessica Blank Sarah Burningham, Heather Duffy-Stone, Marianne Mancusi, Elizabeth Scott 

Staten Island: West New Brighton Branch, NYPL, 976 Castleon Avenue 
Elizabeth Eulberg, David Levithan, Michael Northrup, Kieran Scott 

Thursday Evening, 3/18 (Books of Wonder, 18 W 18th St, 6-8pm): 

Sourcebooks Fire Launch Party 
featuring authors Lisa Brown, Anne Eliot Crompton, Helen Ellis, Adele Griffin
the rocking tunes of Tiger Beat! (with Libba Bray, Dan Ehrenhaft, Barnabas Miller, and Natalie Standiford) 

Friday, 3/19 (South Court, 42nd Street, 2-5 and 6-8:30) 
NYC Teen Author Festival Symposium Afternoon 

2:00 Introduction 

2:10 – 3:00: Using Genre to Tell the True Story of Adolescence 
featuring: Judy Blundell, Sarah Beth Durst, Lauren McLaughlin, Diana Peterfreund,
Sara Shepard, Maggie Stiefvater, Robin Wasserman 

3:00 – 3:30: Making a First Impression – 2010 Debut Authors 
featuring: Angie Frazier, Emily Horner, Alyssa Sheinmel, Ebony Wilkins 

3:30 - 4:15: Grief, Loss, and the YA Novel 
featuring: Alexandra Bullen, Heather Duffy-Stone, Donna Freitas, Alice Hoffman, Sarah Darer Littman, Lisa Ann Sandell, Samantha Schutz 

4:15 – 5: The Boy You Can’t Have 
featuring: Susane Colasanti, Elizabeth Eulberg, Robin Palmer, Elizabeth Scott, Melissa Walker, Maryrose Wood 

5-6: Break 

6:00 – A Tribute to Regina Hayes 
featuring: Sarah Dessen, Joy Peskin, Jacqueline Woodson 

6:45 – 8:30: What it Feels Like for a Girl – Writing in a Teen Girl’s Voice 
featuring: Jessica Blank, Eireann Corrigan, Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, Terra Elan McVoy, Siobhan Vivian, Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Jacqueline Woodson 

Saturday, 3/20 (Bartos Forum, 42nd Street, 1pm): Stuff for the Teen Age Event
Come check out Stuff for the Teen Age, The New York Public Library’s list of the hottest books, movies, music, and video games from 2009. Talk with your favorite authors. Rock out to your favorite songs. Have fun. Hear a very special presentation from keynote speaker, Libba Bray, the author of Going Bovine. 

Sunday afternoon: Books of Wonder Signing (18 W 18th St, 2-6) 

NOTE: Because of the number of authors, signings will be in shifts. Below is the approximate schedule, which is subject to change

Alma Alexander Nora Baskin Cathleen Davitt Bell Judy Blundell Libba Bray Coe Booth Elise Broach Alexandra Bullen Nick Burd Sarah Burningham Susane Colasanti Matt De La Pena Violet Haberdasher Maggie Stiefvater 

Tom Dolby Heather Duffy-Stone Sarah Beth Durst Elizabeth Eulberg Gayle Forman Aimee Friedman Jenny Han Alice Hoffman Carla Jablonksi Melissa Kantor Kristen Kemp Michelle Knudsen Peter Lerangis David Levithan 

Sarah Darer Littman Barry Lyga Robin MacCready Carolyn Mackler Sarah Maclean Marianne Mancusi Amanda Marrone Wendy Mass Lauren McLaughlin Neesha Meminger Sarah Mlynowski Michael Northrup Robin Palmer 

Diana Peterfreund Shani Petroff O.Rhuday-Perkovich Matthue Roth Marie Rutkoski Lisa Ann Sandell Samantha Schutz Elizabeth Scott Kieran ScottCourtney Sheinmel Sara Shepard Abby Sher Jon Skovron 

Jennifer Smith Natalie Standiford Rachel Vail David Van Etten Siobhan Vivian Adrienne Maria Vrettos Melissa Walker Robin Wasserman Suzanne Weyn Lynn Weingarten Martin Wilson Jake Wizner Maryrose Wood Michelle Zink 

Also keep in mind…

Before the Festival: 
March 11: Blake Nelson and the Care Bears on Fire at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, 33 E 17th St, 7pm, for a night of reading and rock 

After the Festival: 
April 14: The Next Teen Author Reading Night, 6-7:30 at the Jefferson Market Branch of NYPL, 425 6th Ave, at 10th St. Helen Ellis, The TurningDavid Levithan, Will Grayson, Will GraysonEmma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, DedicationSarah Mlynowski, Gimme a CallMarie Rutkoski, The Celestial GlobeElizabeth Scott, The Unwritten RuleRachel Vail, BrilliantAdrienne Maria Vrettos, The Exile of Gigi Lane

Catching up

Some announcements:

March 6, 2010 in the AM I'm at the Westminster, MD bookfair doing LITTLE KID stuff. Come and bring the kids! 

Then later in March I'm at the NYC Teen Author Festival (March 16-21), doing I don't know what all except SEKRIT STUFF WITH David Levithan, Libba Bray and John Green.  

Then I go off to the Vermont College Novel-Writing Workshop to teach for a weekend, which I'm psyched about. 

And in between all this, I finish my book. 

Remind me how to do that, now?

I forget. 

Writing life and linkies

I am writing. Except not right now, cuz I'm blogging.

I am in my new local coffee shop (I moved in January) and some kind of folky folk folk music is playing.  I have cinnamon tea and a mediocre scone. (Why are the baked goods mediocre in every place that lets you plug in???)

Some hot new books that just came out: Heist Society by Ally Carter and Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson.  One is art theft! International intrigue! Romance!  The other is theatrical! New Yorky! Hilarious!

Okay, enough exclamation points.  But if you're looking for something deeply fun to read, you should start with those. 

I am reading The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket.  It is fantastico so far.  I don't know why it isn't a YA novel but maybe something deeply disturbing is going to happen soon?  Hopefully, actually.  I can't wait to see what Handler really BRINGS when writing for an adult audience. He is such a great speaker -- I've seen him talk once at a conference and once at the National Book Awards.  I met him, too, briefly. I felt like a giant immense dork.  He was nice but very reserved. I imagine when you have such a startling and outlandish speaking persona, it is very difficult to make small talk at the same event where you've just spoken. 

Daniel Handler

What else?

Nothing, really. I am at that stage of writing a book where you don't have momentum and you will do anything to avoid working on it. Yes, I will make chili!  Yes, I will shovel the sidewalk for an hour!  Yes, I will clean the kitchen!  Yes, I will even sew on buttons.  

It is a bit desperate. 

This and that

All January I was at ReaderGirlz contributing to their discussions of The Disreptuable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.  Here's the link the roundup of all the conversations. 

In other news: not much. I am fully settled in my new office. It is so pretty you guys!   I will take a picture soon.   

I am reading Going Bovine by Libba Bray which is incredible. I am listening to The Killing Floor by Lee Child which is very scary and making me do lots of exercise because that's when I have time to listen to find out what happens next. 

Writing-wise, I am in that horrid stage of trying to start a new book and it won't quite get going and I have to make myself work on it. (Hence blogging instead!)

The always awesome author of Leviathan, Scott Westerfeld, explains the whole Amazon Macmillan kerfuffle admirably. Go check it out. 

Also Scarlett Fever, sequel to Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson, is out.  Can't wait.