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Libba wins the Printz! etc.

I am so thrilled for my pal Libba Bray that she won The PRINTZ award for best young adult novel!!! for her book, Going Bovine. What you might not know about Libba if you have only read the Gemma Doyle books (A Great and Terrible Beauty, etc.) is that she is extremely hilarious. I am reading Bovine now and it is awesome awesome awesome.

In other news, I know I have been a bad blogger. I moved house after the holidays and am only just now coming up for air. I have an office!! It is beautiful and green and has a gorgeous view. I feel really lucky, as I didn't have a place to really work in private in our old apartment.

Last, here is the cover of Real Live Boyfriends, which debuts in December 2010. There will be a whole redesign of the Roo series when it comes out, so the other books will match.

Real Live Boyfriends (Ruby Oliver, # 4)

Plus, I am over at the Readergirlz blog all this month -- they have a bunch of discussion questions, and more important, there's a LIVE CHAT on January 20th!!

6pm pacific, 9pm eastern -- just go to and a live chat window will open. Come by and say hello!

ReaderGirlz this January

Happy New Year! 

I am at the supercool ReaderGirlz site all month (January), with a live chat Jan 20 -- focusing on The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and "risk taking." For now, click over there to hear and download Frankie Landau-Banks's theme music, read a Q&A and check out a whole list of discussion questions. Discussion will start in the next couple days! and the blog (where the discussion will be) xo E