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Blog tour

Quickie break from my internet blackout (which is less than total -- I've been holiday shopping online a bit, and every now and then I look at Facebook or Twitter, but generally I have felt free of that compulsive checking and following of all kinds of unnecessary threads of info). 

(Digression: I have only been doing a LITTLE bit of online shopping, because it's important to spend your holiday dollars at LOCAL businesses. Otherwise, the chains get all yr money and the little guys go under and then Manhattan is the same as the mall is the same as a small town and life is not as interesting or exciting.   I have bought a lot of gifts at Refinery, where a high school friend of mine makes the most gorgeous and affordable handbags, and stocks gorgeous gloves, pillows and jewelry.  Also bought books at Book Court, spa gifts at Area, toys at Area Kids. Support your local retailer!  The shopping is more fun that way, too, I think.)

Okay, what I really want to tell you about is my blog tour. I'll be at five different blogs this week, and the first is Little Willow's.  Each of the first four stops will reveal one of the four REDESIGNED RUBY OLIVER COVERS, beginning with The Boyfriend List!

These covers will launch along with Real Live Boyfriends, the fourth Ruby book, in December 2010. So go check it out! 

The other links coming up later this week.

xo E