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lame blogger

Okay, Typepad (which is my blogging interface software thingee) just completely redesigned.  Hopefully this will solve my problems with typefaces changing on me, but I don't know. 

I have been the worst blogger since returning from tour.  Sorry. My brain is fried. But to answer your questions, Roo 4, aka REAL LIVE BOYFRIENDS, will come out in Fall 2010.  It is finished. 

I know what happens!  And I'm not telling. 

I am enjoying the back-to-school feeling of fall, working on some new projects, and trying to get organized. I am also buying an apartment, so dealing with that (paint colors!  why are there so many of you?) is taking up a good amount of my time.   

For you booksellers, I'll be at NAIBA and NEIBA next weekend;  come and say hello. 

This is probably the dullest blog post I've ever written. Scroll down and read the one about the book challenge if you want a thrill.