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Writers Life

A while back you guys asked for more blogging about my daily life and writing process. I keep trying, but it's so boring (the one) and so hard to articulate (the other). But here's a little.

I am sitting in a beautiful coffee joint with a tin ceiling. I am the only customer. I have eaten an almond croissant and I want another, but I don't want to become comatose from pastry deliciousness. 
The Beatles' Abby Road is playing.
I am revising Roo4, AKA Real Live Boyfriends. 
That means I rearrange some bits, especially at the beginning to get the pacing better. I cut some bits Sarah Mlynowski told me were boring and try to think up entertaining stuff to replace them. Or not. I fine-tune dialog. I am switching one part of the plot to something different, so a couple scenes will be massively rewritten. 
I'm working on the last and first sentences of each section, trying to make them pop. 

I have only an hour left in my work day and I am distracted by the internet, but I am trying to IGNORE ITS SIREN CALL. 
I am also distracted by
my list of things to get done today
packing list for vacation on Sunday
wondering about this new thing in my neighborhood which is swimming pools made out of dumpsters
this tunic thing I saw at Lucky that I kind of want to go back and buy
the fact that I am buying an apartment 
paint color ideas for said apartment

So it's really an exercise in tuning out noise. The Beatles (Polythene Pam!). My own brain. The interwebs. The dramas behind the register at the coffee shop. Material desires. Looming paperwork. 
I have to turn it all off and go into Roo's head. 

I'm going to try now. Bye.