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Just came back from my college reunion. I went to Vassar.

Back in 2006, I wrote this post. It details all the YA writers I knew about then who went there for school. Eight people, including me. 
Which is quite a lot! 

Then today, on twitter, I promised a  ARC of the upcoming THE TREASURE MAP OF BOYS to the first person who could name four YA writers who'd gone there.
I got a ton of responses!  

Here is the list I have compiled. 
By the way:  I haven't vetted it!! In other words, this is the kind of thing that will get you in trouble if you cite it because all kinds of random misinformation is posted on the internet and this is probably just exactly that!!

But this is what people said, and I did check Jane Smiley and Curtis Sittenfeld, because I was curious.
Some of them are not precisely YA writers but their work appeals to young readers.  (Smiley has a YA book coming out next year, in case you think she's a mistake).  

The first eight are my original list.

1. me
2. Scott Westerfeld  
3  Cassandra Clare  
4. Lisa Papademetriou 
5. Dana Reinhardt  
6. Carolyn Mackler
7. Mariah Fredericks 
8. Aimee Friedman 

9. Melissa Walker

10. Megan Crane

11. Curtis Sittenfeld

12. Nancy Means Wright

13. Amy Kwei

14. Janet McDonald

15. Indira Genesan

16. Jeff Carney

17. Ester Friesner

18. Victoria Strauss

19. Elizabeth Williams Champney 

20. Jean Webster

21. Meghan Daum

22. Katherine Center

23. Jane Smiley

And if we're counting Meghan Daum and Curtis Sittenfeld, I think we might add

24. Thomas Beller

Strange, eh? 
If you know of others -- put it in the comments!  

Edited to add: 25. E.R. Frank