Ally Carter's New Book

Attn: Lit bloggers

Are you a YA book blogger? 
If you are, and you'd like to have an ARC of The Treasure Map of Boys (in stores July 25th) my publisher wants to send you one!

You're under no obligation to blog about it.
You're under no obligation to say you like it. 
They just want the extra ARCs in the hands of people who care about YA books and talk about them on the internet.

Alas: this is only an offer to AMERICAN bloggers, because my publisher is unable to ship internationally.

The Treasure Map of Boys is the third in my series of Ruby Oliver books. The first two are The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book, both out in paperback. The Treasure Map will be a lot more enjoyable if you've read the first two. 

What to do:  
Between now and June 20th, send an email to me at elockhart @  Give your name, snail mail address, and the URL of your blog. 
I'll forward everything to Random House PR, and they'll send you an ARC.