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Another Roo4 question, for Seattlites. What's a Seattle coffee shop or similar type place where teenagers would hang out after school to do homework, eat, drink coffee, etc. 

My characters go to the B&O Espresso, but now they need a new joint. They have cars, so doesn't have to be near Broadway. Could be U. District or Montlake or anywhere, really. 
Your help so much appreciated!!! 

Help me out: Book for Roo

Help me out!

In each Ruby book, Roo is reading something for school that connects with her current situation.
She's read The House of Mirth  
and The Scarlet Letter  
both about women who are ostracized from their communities.

Now she is taking Contemporary American Literature. 
She is suffering from heartbreak (as usual). And interested in more than one guy (as usual). And has complicated friend issues (as usual). 

What should she read?   

Something that would be assigned accomplished high school students in their senior year. I imagine this class's reading list includes Beloved, Rabbit Run, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, The Color Purple, and stuff like that. 



Here is a fun widget Harper Collins made for the release of How to Be Bad. It shows all their professional type videos of me, Sarah and Lauren on tour -- including footage of a CRIME! (my flip flops were stolen) Anyway, you can grab the widget and put it on your blog if you're so inclined. I'm going to go stick it on now.

SLJ Tourney

You can vote in the People's Choice poll for the SLJ Tournament of Books, in which Disreputable History will battle We are the Ship. 

Judges include Ann Brashares, Roger Sutton, Tamora Pierce, John Sciezska, Ellen Wittlinger, Meg Rosoff, Rachel Cohn. So you know you want to tune in and read what they think. It starts on Monday. 

I myself would be honored to be taken out by anything by Kadir Nelson. I love that guy's work and have been trying to get to do a picture book with him for ages. 

SLJ interview

If you're not sick of me yet,  here's an interview I did with School Library Journal. 

I am in Florida. I played pirate mini-golf and saw a 73 year-old parrot ride a unicycle. I ate smorgasboard. I shot video footage for a short movie I'm making to celebrate the How to Be Bad paperback, which comes out April 21. It will have 
amusing footage of me, Lauren and Sarah 
singing songs from Grease and Sound of Music,
dancing do-si-do with a possibly homeless gentleman, 
interviewing people about what it means to be "bad"
and other like ridiculousness. 

So keep your eyes open for that one. 
Also, if you were reading me on Twitter, you would have known about the parrot and the unicycle, like, a whole HOUR AGO. 

MJ Ning

Maureen Johnson now has a ning

Meaning you can join up and chat about jellyfish,  hamsters, the Suite Scarlett paperback release, hot British guys, and other stuff of interest to MJ (and everyone, yes?). 
She's also blogging every day in April. 

In other news, Roo4 is still stalled. 
I have added wakeboarding! To spice it up a little. 
Wakeboarding with shirtless hunky guys, even! 
This is my idea of how to improve a manuscript. 
Some of you like to add zombies. 
Some of you add hoverboard chases. (And you know who you are.) 
I add shirtless hunky guys. 
It has worked before, true -- but this time,  am not sure it is working. 
I hope I don't have to add a unicorn.  There is already a pygmy goat in there.