Sarah Mlynowski's Disreputable History

Zombie Books! Vote!

So you know Disreputable History is in the Morning News Tournament of Books, yah?

Well, they have this thing called the Zombie round, which gives books eliminated early in the proceedings a chance to rise from the dead and eat the brains of the top contenders. 
Zombie books are voted for ahead of time by the reading public. 
Which means, you could
vote for my book if you wanted. 

You have until  Friday to vote.
If reluctant, because, say, maybe you haven't read any of the other books, you could think of it as helping the only YA book on the list have a real chance when prolly the judges are adult book types.

Or, you could think of it as making a ZOMBIE out of a card-carrying member of Team Unicorn. (That would be me.)