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YA for Obama

Hey you teenage and otherwise young-type people,

there's an election coming up. 
And the fabulous and hilarious Maureen Johnson  -- author of Suite Scarlett, Devilish, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, etc. -- has created a NING (don't ask me what a ning is, I am too old to fully understand, but it's like a community where you can post blogs and videos and make friends and stuff) called YA FOR OBAMA

It launches TODAY. It's all about voting, being political, talking about change, talking about the future, and hanging out with people who write books for teenagers. I am on there. So are these guys: Scott Westerfeld, John Green, Megan McCafferty, Robin Wasserman, Melissa Walker, Melissa de la Cruz, Annette Curtis Clause, Sara Zarr, Sarah Dessen, Susan Juby, Adrienne Vrettos, Coe Booth, Ellen Wittlinger, Natalie Standiford, Gabrielle Zevin, Jeanne du Prau, LIsa Yee, Bennett Madison, Daniel Ehrenhaft, Edward Bloor .... (I got tired of typing here. But there are more)

And in case that list doesn't get you excited, those guys are the authors of these books (among others): The Uglies series, Looking for Alaska, The Jessica Darling books, Skinned, Violet on the Runway, The Blue Bloods books, Blood & Chocolate, Story of a Girl, Just Listen and The Truth about Forever, The Alice books,Skin,  Tyrell, Hard Love, The Dating Game books and the Elle Woods books, Elsewhere, the Embers series, Millicent MIn: Girl Genius, the Lulu Dark books, Ten Things to Do Before I Die,  Tangerine... (I got tired again. But more more more)

Why is it important? You guys are the future. Even if you can't vote this year, you will be shaping the world in no time -- in fact, you are already. Let's make it count. 

Why is it fun? All those authors (and more!  There are more!) are posting blogs and links and videos and cartoons and other fun things to get you thinking about the election and what it means to you. Yes, all of us have made our decisions and we're voting for Obama. But undecided or even opposition-minded people are welcome --  because it's always worth opening up channels of communication! 

So please come check it out. Join the ning. Make friends. Read some stuff. 

View my page on YA for Obama