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Quick tidbits:

The  movie of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist opens on Friday Oct 3. I am so excited! It's from the awesome novel by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, and it stars Michael Cera.  

The YA for Obama ning is fun-city. I uploaded a highly highly amusing video

Also, on the subject of politics and Christianity  -- since I know many Christians are torn about the Republican platform's pro-life stance versus other things Obama's platform has to offer -- here are a couple interesting and entertaining pieces by friends of mine on the subject.  All three are YA novelists. All three are practicing Christians, which just in case you're wondering, I myself am not. I am agnostic.
First, on her blog, Lauren Myracle gives us a free and never-before seen TTYL convo. The girls are back!  (Her new book is BLISS by the way and it's getting starred reviews and stuff. I am scared to read it. Apparently it is dead scary.)

Last: I am reading Green's Paper Towns. Nya  nya nya nya nya!  It is so good. (It is not scary. At least, not YET). It comes out mid-October.