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Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez speaks her mind

Thanks to Coe Booth for this link. 

YA and adult novelist Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, author of Haters and many other books (including the adult title Dirty Girls Social Club, which I loved), writes her analysis of Breaking Dawn as containing racist elements. The post contains plot spoilers.
I recommend you read forward in her blog after this post, as she provides additional evidence and responds to critics. 

Without having read Breaking Dawn (I read only the first Twilight book), I want to say that I support Valdes-Rodriguez in speaking out about what she sees, defending her viewpoint, and being unafraid of critics who either disagree with her or wish her to be "nice." I agree with her point that defending victims of prejudice and discrimination IS nice, and staying silent when we feel or witness injustice is no kind of path to take. 

Anyway, it's interesting stuff. Go see what you think for yourself.