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I'm interviewed over at Amanda Ashby's blog today. Amanda wrote You Had Me at Halo (adult) and the upcoming Zombie Queen of Newbery High (YA).

And read about my QUESTIONABLE musical taste on YA novelist Stephanie Kuehnert's blog. Stephanie wrote the upcoming book, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone.

Also today at Carrie Jones's blog, Carrie being the other of Love and Other Uses for Duct Tape, out now. This is a very important interview to read, not because you will learn my secret inner muppets (which you will) but because you can see the most fantastic video clip of Cookie Monster on the Martha Stewart show, which really should not be missed.


I'm interviewed over The Compulsive Reader!

In other news, I went to the circus today.
There was a baby elephant doing tricks.
There a weird German Clown who looked kind of like Hitler which made him not funny.
There were motorcycles in a steel globe.
It was a strange afternoon. Especially as I spent the AM dealing with taxes.
I couldn't believe either my morning or my afternoon was really my life.

What Kind of NYer are You?

What kind of New Yorker are you?

What kind of New Yorker are you? You're Joey Bagadonuts. Fuggetaboutit! You're the backbone of New York, and its most under appreciated citizen. You may not be one of them rich Wall Street guys, but the garbage has to be taken out, and the trains have got to run on time, and the Irish Pubs have got to stay in business. And you wouldnt trade Grandma's cooking for all those fancy restaurants and high-powered lunches anyway.
Take this quiz!

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This quiz was v. fun to take. Apparently I am an old school NYer! I have lived here 18 years.


The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks is in stores, today.
Read the Richie's Picks review, if you're interested.

I am celebrating by...
publication days are not that glamorous, actually. Especially when you've written more than a couple books.
I don't think anyone in my family actually knows about it.
Maybe my editor will send me an email?
Today I will probably:
eat a clementine or three
do a little yoga
work on my website redesign, which was supposed to be done by today but due to my own slowness isn't ready yet
try to write Roo3
get a blood test (don't worry)
send a fax or two

ha ha! the exotic and high-falutin' life of an author!
sorry to disillusion you.
I am still very happy the book is out!
If you prefer, picture me dressed in red at a large party, holding a champagne glass and a bouquet of peonies.

The Sweet Far Thing

A few weeks ago I finished The Sweet Far Thing by the very extremely excellent Libba Bray. Libba is my friend now but NOT when I started reading the Gemma Doyle trilogy, of which TSFT is the third and final installment.

I was hooked by A Great and Terrible Beauty without having any idea that Libba was an amazing dancer who can make me laugh so much disgusting things come out my nose.

You have to read the first one first. Then you have to read the second one. THEN you get to read The Sweet Far Thing.

Look. This series, it's got corsets. It's got friends who might have turned secretly evil. It's got scary boarding school stuff and a possibly nefarious headmistress. It's got magic. It's got weird other-worldly creatures. It's got handsome gentlemen and handsomer gypsies. There are gryphons! and gorgons! and parties, oh my!

(okay, only one gorgon, I know. Don't get upset! it just sounded good with gryphons)

So I just thought I'd write it up and remind you all about the books in case you haven't got your hands on them yet.

Carrie Jones' Disreputable History

LoveducttapeCarrie Jones is on the GCC with me and her first book was Tips on Having a Gay (Ex)Boyfriend, while her second is Love and Other Uses for Duct Tape -- a sequel!

Belle Philbrick’s life is imploding. Her non-dating mom has started dating again. Her best friend needs her to buy condoms (Yes! Condoms!) at Wal-Mart. Her boyfriend, Tom, is acting really strange. Her arch nemesis Mimi spreads evil rumors. All this and... someone might be preggers.

Below, Ms. Jones tells us her sneaky escapades and gives a great definition of feminism.

Tell Me Your Disreputable History, Carrie Jones!
(the questions below are related to stuff that happens in my upcoming book....)

1. Tell me the sneakiest thing you ever did.

Does peeking at Christmas presents count?
Does it count if you had to rewrap them?
Does it count if you had to go out and buy Scotch tape and IDENTICAL wrapping paper to rewrap them because your mom checked EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to make sure and you totally blew it when you stick your index finger just under the edge and the whole thing just ripppsss.
Because if that counts, that's the sneakiest thing.

2. Tell me the sneakiest thing that happens in your new book.

Belle, the main character, has to go into Wal-Mart and covertly purchase a pregnancy test. She goes through the self-checkout line, but, um, unfortunately there is something wrong with the bar code.

3. Are you a prankster? Tell me a story.

Once on April Fool's Day I convinced my boyfriend that there were Big Foot prints in the mud outside. And he totally fell for it.
And when I told him the truth and jumped up and down and shouted "April Fool's" he just looked at me and said, "I had no idea you were such a liar."

Low blow, mister.

We broke up shortly after that. I mean, seriously, it was APRIL FOOL'S DAY!

4. Were you in any clubs or societies in high school? Did any of those club activities make it into your novels?

Yep. I helped form an Amnesty International Chapter, which is a lot of my books.

I was the president of Students for Social Justice, which is in both LOVE (AND OTHER REASONS FOR DUCT TAPE) and TIPS ON HAVING A GAY (EX) BOYFRIEND.

I was in theater stuff (Should I spell it theatre and be more theatrical?), and Latin Club, and Modern Foreign Language Club and NHS, and NAHS, and New Hampshire History Club, and NH Central American Network and the Martin Luther King Day Coalition (NH was being really lame at the time and not celebrating. Ha! We changed that) and I was on the literary journal staff and some other stuff, which is all just because I was REALLY really REALLY afraid of not getting into college and I knew college liked clubs.

5. Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why, or why not?

There are so many different political theories behind feminism from "Lifting as We Climb" to Audre Lorde to Meg Cabot to Kathleen Hanna to Angela Davis. There's liberal feminism, radical feminism,riot grrl feminism, post-feminism, feminism feminism... but the basis of all these branches is the absolute belief that there shouldn't be gender inequality, not at home, not at work, not at school, not on the field.
I believe in equality for all races and religions and sexuality. How could I not believe it for gender too?

6. How does your answer to question 5 show up in your new book?

Belle, the main character, is tremendously liberal. She is always thinking about issues and equality and humanity. She believes everyone deserves respect; that everyone deserves rights. She believes "women are people."

7. The club in my book is called The Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. If you were to found a secret society, what would it be called, and what would its mission be?

The Postum Posse and its goal would be to have Kraft Food Products once again return Postum, the lovely grain beverage cereal, to the shelves of grocery stores across the world.

Sour Jelly Beans

An important recent discovery: Starburst Sour Jelly Beans.
These are making me happy!

In other news, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks comes out on Tuesday March 25th.

I am still wearing my ski hat indoors and it is Purim/practically Easter Sunday/supposed to be Spring.

Roo3 is not finished. But I will give you another clue: Birkenstocks are crucial to the plot.
How can this be, you wonder?
But I would never lie to you.


I haven't posted anything much in a while. Sorry.

Roo3 is eating my brain.

The reading event at NYPL last week was really fun! The teen committee or whatever it's called made us these great placecards with our names on them, and David Levithan was a sparkling host even if he did talk about his nipples. Or maybe because he talked about his nipples?
Anyway, there were teens in the audience, and pre-teens! So we kept it pretty clean although I did read a lot about BRAS. There are a lot of bras in The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. Not that it isn't a literary-type book.
I'm just saying. It also has bras.
Thanks to everyone I read with and to all who turned out!

Then I got to go out to dinner with novelist Maryrose Wood and her adorable composer friend and laugh and eat pasta which is my idea of a good time.

If you read this blog here on the site and not on a feed, you'll notice I keep messing with the colors. It's because my site is being redesigned and I am trying to get the blog to match. So bear with me through a few more permutations....