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Melissa Senate! Musical Theater!

Melissa Senate is on the GCC with me. Click here to see the horrible things her worst ex-boyfriends said to her!


Her teen book, Theodora Twist, is just out in paperback. ($7.99 from Books Inc. online)
Picture this: You’re sixteen and a major teen celebrity like Blake Lively or Vanessa Hudgens moves into your house for a month and shares your bedroom, your friends, your clothes, your school. Your entire life.

And it’s caught on camera, for all of America to see.

“Senate sets up a tantalizing premise and the plot is equally entertaining.” –Publisher’s Weekly

Here, Senate answers my Dramarama interview questions and reveals a sad and painful high school musical experience, surprising rap skills -- plus she doesn't exactly say so, but she saw David Bowie almost naked!
(I did, too! but what Broadway show was that? read on...)
(Oh, and it was a long time ago, so he wasn't the age of your dad or anything.)
(Oh, and thanks to googleimages here is what I'm talking about. It's a little creepy, don't you think , that I found this image in .78 seconds?)


Anyway, sorry for the detour.
Melissa Senate! The Dramarama interview!

1. You were in a play in high school, weren't you?Tell me all about it .
I did try out for Once Upon A Mattress. I was so shy, despite being so bold when rehearsing and practicing in my bedroom, that a mean girl told me I could only get the part of one of the mattresses. MEOW.

2. Give me song lyric that makes you laugh. Preferably from a show, but I'll cut you some slack if whatever you quote is funny.
This has always made me laugh. It’s from Surrey With The Fringe On Top. Curly’s part:
“When we hit that road, hell-for-leather
Cats and dogs will dance in the heather
Birds and frogs'll sing all together and the toads will hop!
The wind'll whistle as we rattle along,
The cows'll moo in the clover
The river will ripple out a whispered song,
And whisper it over and over
Don't you wish you'd go on forever”

I always want to say: Yes! Yes I do!

3. If you've seen a show on Broadway, what was your first one? Whom did you go with, who was the star, what did you think of it?

My very first Broadway show was The Elephant Man, starring David Bowie, when I was fifteen. My date was my very first boyfriend, a jerk named Craig, who was the star of his high school fencing team. (I joined my high school fencing team to impress him, but wised up fast to both fencing--you have to really be into it -- and the jerk!)

4. What's your showbiz fantasy?
To see one of my novels turned into a Broadway Musical. I can see all of them on stage. Set to song!

5. Which Broadway diva are you, deep inside? And why? Ethel Merman, Carol Burnett, Nell Carter, Kristin Chenoweth, Bernadette Peters, Julie Andrews, Bebe Neuwirth, Audra McDonald, Carol Channing, Mary Martin, Barbra Streisand? Or someone else?
Carol Burnett has been my idol since age nine.

6. Write me a nice little song lyric for the book you're promoting right now. Please.

A sort-of rap, by Theodora Twist, teen queen movie star:

My name is Theodora, but it used to be plain Dora.
My agent all but called me a whore-ah
She said I have to show the worl
I’m just a regular American grrl
So I here I am in Jersey in my old high school
Whodathunk being a normal sixteen year old really was really cool.

P.S. Make friends with Melissa on Myspace (I did).