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Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

Besides "Kristin Chenoweth boobs" another search that often brings people to my site in this time of year is some variant of "what present should I give my boyfriend?"

It's becaue there's an excerpt of The Boyfriend List on the site that's entitled "A List of Present-Giving Misdemeanors," but while reading that bit may help console you if your boyfriend gives you a crap gift -- it won't help you give him a good one.

So I will answer your question! (I will not do anything for those of you looking to see Kristen Chenoweth's private personal boobs, however. Show a diva some respect!)

(assuming you are, say, age 14-30, and the budget is not enormous)

• This book: You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When it Monsoons by Mo Willems. Awesome book of travel cartoons. Willems drew one a day as he traveled all over the world, and they are funny funny funny -- and smart, and astute.

• This deconstructed clock.

• Chocolate penguins or mice.

• This very attractive and manly scarf.

• This book: The Deep: The Extraordinary Creature of the Abyss. Photos of beasties that live WAY WAY deep. So cool.

• This book: Peeps, by Scott Westerfeld. Full of fascinating facts about viruses and parasites and other ickiness, plus tons of action and a killer plot about vampires in NYC.

• Does he still have his record player? Gift certificate to Greg's Grooves.

• This shirt: The Beginning -- or really, any of the other amazing t-shirt designs at Threadless.

• This shirt: Chillin' with my Gnomies -- or really, any other cool T from David & Goliath. (There are adult-only t-shirts on this site, I'm just telling ya)

Moon pies from the Boiled Peanuts catalogue. Or Southern Food of the Month! Or hot pepper jelly! This place is a goldmine.

Adopt the guy a penguin. Or a tiger, otter, whatever. For $25.

That's it -- happy holidays, all!