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Late, late, banned books week

"There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written."
-Oscar Wilde

Well, I am OUT OF IT and missed Banned Books Week. It was Sept 29-Oct 6. But we can still talk about them, right?
Especially since TEEN READ WEEK is this week, and all too often it's books for young readers than get banned. CHeck out the list of most-banned books, here.

I am going to celebrate by reading Sandpiper, by Ellen Wittlinger, a book which was recently challenged. What are you going to read?

What can you do to protect freedom of speech in our country? You can blog about book banning. You can talk to your friends about it. You can go to the library at your school.
Talk to the librarian.
Tell that librarian you're interested in the issue of book banning, and ask if he or she has any stories to tell about books being banned in your community. Then ask that librarian to recommend something good to read, banned or un-.
Librarians love this.
It's their job. They won't mind.

This is my fave banned books week poster, made by Literaticat of Not Your Mother's Book Club for when Chris Crutcher came to talk at Books Inc.