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Title the Summer 2008 Book!

Title the Summer 2008 Book!

You may think I've asked you this before, and maybe I have -- but this time it really counts! So let me know what you think, because I CARE.

I am writing a book together with Sarah Mlynowski (Bras & Broomsticks, Milkrun, Frogs & French Kisses) and Lauren Myracle (TTYL, TTFN, L8R G8R, Rhymes with Witches). It is an awesomely fun summer read about three girls taking a road trip through the sticky heat of Florida in pursuit of love and adventure. But what should it be called?

Take 30 seconds to read our three top titles and vote on your choice!

And now you have my undying gratitude. And Sarah's. And Lauren's. Thanks!


Edited to add: The LINK IS FIXED!! SO SORRY.