MoJo's book banning
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So here's my Princeton Teen Book Bash report:

Drove up with Melissa Kantor, Ned Vizzini and MoJo, aka Maureen Johnson. Ned promised us we would drive by, and I quote "mountains of disgusting smelly garbage" if we took one particular route -- and so of course Maureen and I really wanted to take it.

But there was no garbage. Ned said "oh, the garbage is underneath all this nature -- see that green hill with bushes on it? underneath is the garbage. that's what I meant."

I was very disappointed. Ned got me a coffee to console me, and then I was perky!

Princeton is a gorgeous town, and there were very cool teen authors there.
Robin Friedman had glittery things on her table and very neat cookies with her book, The Girlfriend Project on them.
I got to hear
T.K Welsh read from Resurrection Men
E.R. Frank read from Wrecked
Marie Lamba read from What I Meant
Maureen Johnson read from her work in progress
Maryrose Wood read from Why I Let My Hair Grow Out

I met David Lubar and got a book signed! I talked to Wendy Mass and Sarah Beth Durst. And Kieran Scott (but where was Kate Brian? hmmm....) and Patricia McCormick and Mary Hogan and Daniel Ehrenhaft and Leslie Margolis! We all talked to each other. Although some people I didn't get to meet. I met Megan McCafferty for like two seconds but I was very thrilled anyway.

I did feel like a big dork sitting at my table and had trouble staying still. I wanted to go scrounge candy from people who had candy at their tables. I wanted to go shop for books. I wanted to hear people read. So I kept moving around -- it was my first festival, and I am not sure that sitting for five hours at a table is something I am good at. Other people seemed more comfortable than me. And they knew to bring candy.

Still, it was wonderful to hear all those people read, and to see them in person. The Princeton Public Library is podcasting all the performances, which should be extremely cool when it's up.

Thanks very much to my librarian helper, Maureen, and to the teenagers and book people who came by in Princeton -- and to the library for hosting us!