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More BEA stuff

Are you at BEA?
I hear they've got ARCs of my March 2008 book at the Hyperion BFC booth, if you're interested.


The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.

Friday! Children's book breakfast, Hyperion table.
ABC dinner, FSG table.
Come by and see me!

Book Expo America

Hi there booksellers,
If you're going to BEA, come find me and say hello!
I'm not signing, but I'll be at
the Hyperion table at the Children's Book Breakfast on Friday
the auction, free-floating around
the FSG table at the ABC dinner that night.


Does this make me look unhappy?

My new favorite blog is Dress a Day -- which I found through Justine Larbalestier. Yes, because I am procrastinating and need to do a big revision.

But seriously, I am going to BEA (book expo) and ALA (American Library Association) and I bought two summer dresses and two chic little cardigans this week, so I can walk through roasting hot weather into cold air conditioning and still look reasonbly put together. The things I do for you librarians and booksellers! :)

Seriously, I was so glad for an excuse to shop, and only wish I been reading Dress a Day before making my purchases.

Anyway, I love this post -- about questions to ask yourself about your clothes OTHER than "does this make me look fat?" Erin, the author, suggests we stop demonizing fat and aiming for "slim" and instead ask ourselves more important questions about our clothes. Like: Does this make me look unhappy? Does this make me look dull? Does this make me look insane?

And, I would add, positive questions: Does this make me look like I'd be fun to talk to? Does this make me look comfortable in my skin? Does this make me look smart? Etc.

My new dresses make me look, I think, fun! And happy, but not insane. They make me happy, anyway. And they won't wrinkle in my suitcase.


Come ask me questions

IggycoverHi there --
You know YA novelist K.L. Going, author of Fat Kid Rules the World, Saint Iggy and The Liberation of Gabriel King?
Well, do you know she has FORUMS?
For discussing her work, books, all kinds of stuff.
Did you know I am on her forums this week, answering any questions you care to ask me?
Really -- anything. About Dramarama, Fly on the Wall, The Boyfriend List, The Boy Book, upcoming books, and non-book stuff.

If you're not part of the forums yet, you just go here. The "register" link is in the top section, towards the right. You plug in a screen name and an email, and you're ready to go! You'll then need to log in whenever
you're ready to post. The "log in" link is below the "register" link.
Then look for the author interviews, and find me!

Hope to see you there.

Beige and Magic or Madness

Beige is out! By Cecil Castelluci.
I really liked this novel so much. It's all about punk rock and figuring out who you are.
Cecil's Plain Janes comic is out, as well, which I am so psyched to read.
Click here to read all about how she went to performing arts school and met Carol Channing.

Also, Magic or Madness, which is the first book in the Magic of Reason trilogy by Justine Larbalestier -- and which trilogy I seriously love -- is the winner of the second-ever Norton Award for awesomeness in fantasy literature for the teenage. Yay, Justine!
And click here to read all about how she's obsessed with old movie musicals.

Come hear Me Read from Dramarama

Thursday, May 24th
6:30 PM
Park Slope Barnes and Noble, Brooklyn 7th Avenue

I am reading from Dramarama
along with Melissa Kantor, author of
Confessions of a Not It Girl
If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?
The Breakup Bible (all three of which I've read, and they are very funny.)

Cool Hobbies

Last fall, when THE BOY BOOK came out, there was a YA Books Central contest where you could win a free book if you wrote this little essay about what hobby you'd take up if your therapist made you do one. I only just now saw all the winning answers!

Like, way late, I know. But read them anyway. They are very inspirational. And original. "Hobby" is a dumb-sounding word word, but doing something you're interested in, pursuing it on a regular basis, is seriously good for the mental health.