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YA author Prom

This is where I was Tuesday night, although the guys at Gawker make it sound unfun and kind of like everyone had something to prove because we were full of unresolved high school issues.

And like, they didn't dance or flirt or anything. They just stood around and worried about whether it was geeky to be involved in YA literature. At least, that's what the Gawker piece makes it sound like they did.

I am not saying YA authors have all their high school issues RESOLVED or anything,
and I am not saying it is not at least a semi-geeky job to have.
It was SO FUN.


That's me and my co-author on How to Be Bad, Sarah Mlynowski, in our prom finery. (You can click on the pictures and they'll get larger)

Ellen Wittlinger wore a pink wig is how fun it was.
And I danced around like a lunatic with authors of books such as Why I let My Hair Grow Out, Shug and Price of Admission.
And we took some silly pictures. And there was lots of candy. And there were balloons and sparkly things all around. And I got to wear a really adorable new dress.
Again. Fun.


This is David Levithan and Maryrose Wood.

All the money raised went to Advocates for Youth, and we promoted this fantabulous book into the bargain:



Here are some contributors to the 21 Proms collection. From left to right:
Aimee Friedman, Lisa Ann Sandell, Sarah Mlynowski, Leslie Margolis, Libba Bray, David Levithan, Daniel Ehrenhaft, John Green and me.

Naturally, of course, Mr. Green video-blogged the Prom. See Gordon Korman, David Levithan, Sarah M, Libba Bray (in a tux....kind of) and watch JG get down to both Prince and the Micki song.