Readings in NYC

Some random things

It's late at night and I have a few things to just talk about quickly, all unrelated to one another and in no order of importance (and some are more important than others!)

1) I just saw Legally Blonde on Broadway! Bend and snap! It made me want to wear very high heels. If you want to read books about Elle Woods, go visit Natalie Standiford.

2) They are trying to ban my friend Maureen's book. By "they" I mean the Bartlesville Board of Education in Oklahoma, and by "my friend Maureen's book" I mean The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson. Here is Maureen's smart and also hilarious blog on the topic. And here is the As If! (Authors Support Intellectual Freedom) post.
(How can you help? Go buy the book).

3) Dramarama is nominated for BBYA, which is best books for young adults.

4) Coe Booth won the LA Times book award for best young adult novel, for Tyrell! Yay Coe! It is a really great book and it made me laugh and cry.

Okay, time for bed. G'night.