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Sara Rosett's Boyfriend List

Mystery novelist Sara Rosett sent us her real-life secret crush boyfriend list!
(Here's her Fly Survey from last time she visited.)

The boyfriends I never had (aka secret crushes)
by Sara Rosett

1. Michael—(6th grade) athletic. That’s about all I remember!
2. Robert—(junior high) quiet, smart. He was a swimmer with white blond hair and great shoulders. Sigh.
3. John—(high school) Witty, always made everyone laugh and kept it from getting too serious. Another blond (I’m seeing a trend here that I hadn’t ever noticed). I always had a hard time concentrating in typing class.
4. Jack—(college) Dark hair this time, but not interested. This was probably my shortest-lived crush because it wasn’t long after Jack that I met the guy I would marry. You guessed it, a blond. We’ve celebrated our fifteenth anniversary last year!

Rosett's new book, STAYING HOME IS A KILLER, features Ellie Avery, military wife and mother – and of course, sleuth. Ellie's ordered world is thrown into disarray when a fellow military spouse’s death looks more like murder than suicide. Toss in her husband’s deployment and her daughter’s separation anxiety, and Ellie has to keep the home fires burning as she sort clues from chaos and proves that home is not for killers.

So if you like Jill Churchill or Ayelet Waldman, Sarah Rosett's for you – and check out her blog! And her other blog, which is called Good Girls Kill For Money -- and the tag line is "Coffee, tea, or murder?". This one especially amuses me.