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Paula Chase's YA novel, SO NOT THE DRAMA (love the title) - -is about a girl who wants to get in with her high school's glitterati -- only her best friend does it first, and she's not invited. Plus her sociology class's experiment to rid the school of prejudice is seriously backfiring.
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Her boyfriend list, below, gave me some serious new crushes.

By Paula Chase
Now, I’m not advocating becoming a groupie. But IF I ever were to be one, the guys I’d stalk, err…admire from afar are basketball players, drummers, saxophone players and the occasional rapper. Keep in mind that these guys are ideal boyfriends, not because of their appearance but their skill. So, here’s my, If I were a Groupie boyfriend list:

•Questlove – the drummer for The Roots. First of all, he looks like a big ol’ teddy bear. And what’s not to love about teddy bears? Second, he’s the drummer but basically second in command of the group. Men in charge are hot! Third, have you heard any of The Roots music? If not, shame on ya. They’re like this crazy eclectic, soul/hip hop band. No misogyny here! And when a guy respects his momma enough to make sure their music’s lyrical content is respectful…you got it, that’s hot!

•Allen Iverson – I know Alley I is coming up on his twilight years in basketball. If he leaves the NBA without a championship, it’ll be nothing short of a shame because he’s sacrificed his body for his profession. He plays hard and has the injuries to prove it. I’ve loved A.I.’s skill since his days at Georgetown. He was the fastest, scrappiest dude on the court and nothing is sexier than a feisty point guard.

Boney_james•Boney James (saxophone player) – Saxophone music, I think, is the most sensuous sound on planet earth. Boney James is one of contemporary smooth jazz’s kings. His music could put you in a coma and I mean that in a good way! It’s just that smooth. I won’t even go there about the lip strength necessary to play the sax. I won’t even go there.

•Jay-Z – Hova has this whole former bad (very bad) boy turned millionaire mogul thing going on that is irresistibly attractive. Diddy only wished he were as smooth and genuinely confident as Jay-Z. Not to mention his lyrical flow is sick!! Listen to some of Jay-Z’s raps, especially his earlier stuff. The production combined with his linguistic gymnastics is groupie inducing. And his lips…shoot, I’m going there again.

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