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Come Hear Me Read from Dramarama


Oh, you dudes and dudettes who have entered the E. Lockhart Extravabasket Contest have made me SO HAPPY.
Seriously, there are some really amazingly funny and even touching song lyrics about my books over there. And I KNOW some of you are newsletter subscribers, because a whole lot more entries popped up shortly after I sent out the second-ever newsletter.

My subscribers are very excellent. (Newsletter subscription form at the right).

So the rest of you, what are you waiting for?
you can win an "extravabasket" of goodies OVER AT
Not Your Mother's Bookclub:

signed copies of lots of books,
audio books,
diva-esque treats from Sephora,
a CD I hand-made (well, with the help of the computer)
and more.

Enter by April 30.

And thanks again to all of you who entered already.