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An Abundance of Logans

TattooJennifer Lynn Barnes wrote Golden, which is a supernatural high school story about a girl who can see auras. She's an X-men fan (check out her Fly Survey), a former cheerleader, an autism researcher and a recent Yale grad. Her new book TATTOO, can be summed up thus:

Four friends
Four tattoos
One ancient evil

Sounds fun, eh? More details here.

Jen wisely refrains from telling us all about her ex-boyfriends on the internet, and instead gives us:
AN ABUNDANCE OF LOGANS, revealing a penchant for broody dudes with superpowers.

"In honor of AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES by John Green, which just won a
Printz honor, I decided to do a boyfriend list on the abundance of
Logans who've won my hear
t. If only they weren't all fictional."

-- Jennifer Lynn Barnes

1) Logan from X-men. Oh, Wolverine. What can I say about him other
than the fact that he's played by Hugh Jackman AND has adamantium
claws? I mean, seriously! Claws! The come out of his skin! That
just doesn't get any less awesome as time goes by. Plus, like many
Logans, he has this broody bad boy thing going for him, and I love his
soft spot for Rogue.

2) Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls. I'm somewhat of a fickle
Logan-lover, and I have to admit, of all of my Logans, this one is my
least favorite. In fact, I have some doubts about whether or not I
ever would have cast him as my fictional boyfriend were his name NOT
Logan, but it is, so I didn't stand a chance. He's spoiled and rich,
but he's got that essential soft spot, and if only because his name is
Logan, that's enough for me.

3) Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars. I didn't think there would ever be
another Logan who could give the Wolverine a run for his money, but
this Logan did it- and without the aid of any awesome claws. This guy
is the very definition of tortured. I hated him when I first saw him,
but I love him now. The road to redemption is rocky, and he's always
going to slip and fall, but he's got this wonderful vulnerability
about him that he hides under the snark and sarcasm that I find just
as delicious.

4) Logan Cale from Dark Angel. Of all of the Logans, this one is the
only on who has the distinction of having a last name almost as hot as
his first. Like most Logans, he's got the broody thing going on, but
unliike all of the others, he has this unfailing moral compass that he
somehow managed to make really unbelievably hot. Plus, as "Eyes
Only," he's got these great and very soulful eyes, AND he's pretty
tall for a Logan.