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Books of Wonder

The Books of Wonder event was killer. Literally, if you believe Maureen Johnson. Possibly a more accurate description of the evening (with photo) is here, from John Green. And from Coe Booth as well.

(Coe promised me a picture later, which I'll post)

It was awesome in that we had a great house and we read an amazing mash-up of our books that David Levithan created -- like a medly. There were at least 40 people there (I count people when I'm nervous) -- but I was sad NOT ONE SINGLE TEENAGER. Booksellers, you have got to partner up with schools for this stuff, I think! Get librarians and teachers and parents to bring kids in groups. There are FANTASTIC cupcakes at Books of Wonder. There is no reason teenagers would not love being there at 5pm on a school night.

So the audience was full of librarians, YA book people, publishing people, friends and one illustrator. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, and to Books of Wonder for having us.

Afterwards, we went to a restaurant where cute chelsea boys make guacamole on a movable cart right next to your table.

I mean, it was like a cart piled with avocados and cilantro, and a cute boy (like 22 yrs old) was making me guac! With warm tortillas!

That is my idea of what will be happening in heaven on a regular basis, when I get there.