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Nashville report

I am in Nashville, at the NCTE/ALAN conference. I signed Dramarama for the first time, which was very exciting (it doesn't come out until May) and also The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book.

But more importantly, I am at the Gaylord Opryland, which is such an insane hotel. I heard it can sleep 11,000 people. And I'm not surprised. There is a RIVER in it. And like a zillion shops. And piped in Christmas music. And Holiday decorations everywhere (Christian only). And a spa. And -- well, it is just absolutely bonkers. Go here to see pictures.

The YA writers are RUNNING WILD, and you can read about it here in Cecil's very amusing post. And Sarah Dessen's. And Professor Nana's take (not about authors running wild; actually about the conference).

I have a lot of urge to name drop ridiculously -- but it will just be annoying to read and I will post photos when I get home. (Can't wait? check out CFaughnan's blog).
For now, I will just go with this tidbit: I have danced to the Ramones with a National Book Award winner.

I have to go take a nap.

xxo from the road,