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New Yorkers, come on out

more on the ALAN conference

Sarah Dessen blogs about the madness of NCTE/ALAN (translation: big conference of English teachers and YA authors) with cute photos -- and also talks about how you really shouldn't steal books.
Which makes me kinda blush because of this.
But they wouldn't let us have anything!
And they were there to be given away for free, anyhow!
And they didn't belong to any particular person!
And the box was OPEN and looted already!
And I will blog about every book I got hold of, which was only two, anyway!
And we wanted them so bad!!

Okay, enough. I am a bad, bad woman and now you all know my shame.

I loved the ALAN conference. I could go on and on but I will just give a few highlights. And some photos, later in the week when I get digitally functioning.


William Sleator. I have read lots of his books so was quite chuffed to meet him and he gave a great speech.

David Levithan on the romance panel, explained how his books are about people finding connections with each other in a world that encourages artifice and manufactured experiences. And that we need well-written romance to help us find models of genuine connection, in all its messiness. He was funnier than that and more articulate, but I think that is the gist.

Tamora Pierce spoke about making audio books -- both full-cast and single-reader, and she was really interesting and self-mocking and delightful.

I was on a humor panel with Lauren Myracle, Greg Leitich-Smith and Jordan Sonnenblick. I was very nervous and we each read our favorite bits of other people's work. I read a scene from Leitich-Smith's Tofu and T-Rex which is a very very very very funny novel and I highly recommend it. Lauren read a NAUGHTY BIT from Fly on the Wall and she did it so very well. Much better than I could have done. I was happy but also embarassed no end.

I finished the panel saying the following ridiculous sentence: "PG Wodehouse is my best friend!"
which sounded stupid, yes
but what I meant was that funny books are like wonderful and reliable friends. They cheer you on dark days. They send you to bed feeling like there is joy in the world. I think they are important.

I got to meet a lot of people I had long wanted to meet and catch up with old friends. I can't even name them here, so many.

I went to some parties and wore an outfit involving Roo-like fishnets.
There was almost no vegetarian food.
I got a deep tissue massage.
There was dancing.
There was intellectual discourse.
I am still in recovery.