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Laurie Stolarz takes the Fly Survey

Happy Halloween!
I have the PERFECT Halloween guest today: Laurie Stolarz, who wrote the Blue is for Nightmares series -- now available in a boxed set.

Laurie grew up in Salem, and I don't know if that influenced her supernatural imagination or what, but the series is about a girl whose persistent nightmares predict real-life horrors. Together the books have sold over 250,000 copies.

BLEED is equally eerie: it's ten interlocked short stories. Like these: Over the course of a single day, the lives of ten teenagers intersect.Among them are Nicole, whose decision to betray her best friend will shock everyone, most of all herself; Kelly, who meets the convicted felon she’s been writing to for years; and Maria, whose definition of a true friend is someone who will cut her. Derik discovers his usual good looks and charm won’t help him get the girl he really wants, while Joy, a fifteen year old waitress, hoping for true intimacy, narrowly escapes a very dark fate.

Here is Laurie's boyfriend list from last time. And her blog. And here's her Fly survey! (If you don't know already -- Fly on the Wall is about a girl who's obsessed with Spiderman. And then she kind of becomes a superhero. But only only kind of.)
Laurie's Fly Survey even includes CANDY and CATS. Very Halloween-esque.

Be safe tonight!


The Fly on the Wall Survey
questions by me, answers by Laurie Stolarz

1) If you could be a fly on the wall somewhere, anywhere – where? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in TomKat’s mansion. Honestly, what’s the deal? Is Tom really that weird? Is Katie really that brainwashed? Or, are they just fabulously happy? Enquiring minds want to know.

2) If you could have one superpower, what? The ability to be invisible. It’d be very convenient to be able to shop in my pj’s or go out in a mud mask and not worry about getting weird stares. I’d also be able to eavesdrop on whomever I wanted.

3) What is your superhero name? Why? Yoga Girl, able to down dog, Chataranga, and drop crane in a single sun salutation.

4) Who is your favorite superhero? Wonderwoman. When I was little I wanted to be her - who else can use their accessories in defense?

5) Favorite non-super hero? My mom.

6) Recommend us a superhero movie. Superman. Who doesn’t love Clark Kent?

7) If you could turn in to any animal, what? Why? A cat – my cat. She’s a princess and treated that way.

8) Comic books? As a kid, I used to love collecting and reading Bazooka Joe bubble gum wrappers.