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Some Book Recommendations

I have been reading a bunch of great YA fiction lately, so here I am to impose my taste on y'all and tell you what to read.

BAD KITTY by Michelle Jaffe. Las Vegas. Wax museums and night clubs and weird body guards and odd celebrities. A Bad Kitty. A fantabulous heroine with a mind like Sherlock Holmes and a posse of pals who can make transistor radios out of chewing gum and drive around in a pink bus. Freaky-deaky bad guys. This is a really, really fun book to read. Plus, I wore my BAD KITTY shirt out the other day, and several people said to me, "Hello, Kitty!" which was very amusing, somehow.

I'D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU, BUT THEN I'D HAVE TO KILL YOU by Ally Carter. Girl is born and bred to be a super spy, and attends top-secret elite boarding school for training in martial arts, espionage, etc. Her nickname is "the chameleon" because she can blend effortlessly into any situation and no one spots her. Only -- she falls in love. With a normal guy from town. Who doesn't know she's a spy. So fun, and full of kick-butt action and details like a teacher who gets a new face every term so no one will ever recognize him.

TTFN by Lauren Myracle. You should definitely read TTYL first (though you probably have already) -- and this one (ta ta for now!) is even better. Mads, Angela and Zoe instant-message each other through boy crises, cross-country moves, and all kinds of other problems -- and Myracle is incredibly truthful and funny.

FROGS & FRENCH KISSES by Sarah Mlynowski. I thought Bras & Broomsticks was really funny -- but this is funnier. It also goes deeper into what it means to be a witch. Like, is it your job to save the world? How many hours a day can you do it, and is there ever time to rest? When should you NOT do it? And is it a legitimate use of magic to expand your cleavage? What about a love spell?

Follow-up books are in the works for all of these babies, my insider sources inform me -- and really, I can't wait!!!

I also read THOU SHALT NOT DUMP THE SKATER DUDE by Rosemary Graham. I loved the California skateboarding social scene -- and the way Graham concerns herself with the social heirarchies of high school. It's the story of how a hot new girl, insecure of her social position, nabs the cutest, most popular guy in school -- and what happens when she breaks up with him. And he tells everyone lies about her.

So: now you know what to read on your summer holidays. Live it up.
Oh, and you could read this book FLY ON THE WALL if you want.