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Kyra Davis takes the Fly Survey

Kyra Davis is on the GCC with me, and she writes fun-city chick lit mysteries. The new one, PASSION, BETRAYAL AND KILLER HIGHLIGHTS, is the sequel to Sex, Murder and a Double Latte.

Here's what you really need to know:
Fashion. Death. Frappucinos.
What more can you ask for in a summer read?
Nothing, I think. But you also get a chic Black/Jewish mystery novelist caffeine addict heroine, a San Francisco setting and a sexy private investigator for romance.

Kyra's blog is here, and it's fun reading because Kyra seems to live a rawther glamorous life.

Anyway, she took the Fly survey -- and reveals a deliciously naughty mind and a penchant for foxy superhero clothing.

The Fly on the Wall Survey
questions by me, answers by Kyra Davis

1) If you could be a fly on the wall somewhere, anywhere – where?
Tough call, it’s a tie between wanting to be a fly on the wall during a confidential briefing in the office of some corrupt politician’s office so I could expose him for being a fraud later on or being a fly on the wall of Brad Pitt’s or Antonio Banderas’ bathroom right when one of them is getting out of the shower. I understand robber flies have better vision than the others. I’d want to be one of those if I was going to do the bathroom thing.

2) If you could have one superpower, what?
I want to have the inhuman ability to eat anything I want and never gain a pound. A super-powered metabolism would be great.

3) What is your superhero name? Why?
There’s a line of low-fat, low-cal dairy desserts called Skinny Cow so I think I’d play off that and be Skinny Pig because I’d eat like a pig but…well you get the idea.

4) Who is your favorite superhero?
Wonder Woman I guess. In primary school I wanted to be her…well, that’s not really true. I wanted to be Linda Carter because she actually got paid to run around wearing cool costumes while kicking ass.

5) Favorite non-super hero?
As in a real person? If so I guess I’d have to say my mom although she defiantly has some super powers (she can elicit guilt with a single look).

6) Recommend us a superhero movie.
Batman Returns. Michelle Pfeiffer rocked as Catwoman.

7) If you could turn in to any animal, what? Why?
I’m going to go with skunk. It’d be cool to be an animal that was both cute and able to inspire fear (nobody messes with a skunk).

8) Do you (or have you ever) read comic books? What? When?
In elementary school I went through a short phase when I was reading Archie comic books. Are they still around? I remember I really liked Veronica and Jughead. I now have a six year old and he’s into the Scooby Doo comics. I’m fairly sure those are cooler than the Archie ones I used to buy.